CNN's Soledad O'Brien has her lawyers scrambling to stop the release of several very revealing photos of her taken last month.

The Examiner broke the story of the news anchor's latest problem since losing her job co-hosting 'American Morning' on the 4th of April. According to the story, Soledad and her husband Bradley Raymond, an investment banker, were enjoying a nude swim in their backyard pool when a paparazzo snapped a few dozen pictures of them, unbeknownest to the couple. There is full frontal nudity from both O'Brien, 40, and Mr. Raymond. It is also alluded to that the couple might have been involved in a sexual act on camera.

Since the photos were taken on private property, lawyers for O'Brien and Raymond have so far been successful in their efforts to halt the release of the photographs. The photographer, Matthew Kelley, could face hefty fees and possibly even jail time if found guilty of breaking privacy laws. O'Brien had been attempting to keep this story from hitting the press, but a source close to the case leaked the information.

A similar case happened in 2005 when Jennifer Aniston was photographed topless at her home by photographer Peter Brandt. Those photos were forever halted from being released to the media.